Nate S.

Self Starter
2001-08-22 22:56:43 (UTC)


God has interesting ways of directing us where He wants us.
Ever since my break up He has been very present and active
in my life. I now have a void that He is obviously wanting
to fill. People just keep falling into my path. People that
have been inspiring me and helping me through this
difficult time. It just amazes me that i am able to share
my life story with some of my closest friends and
relatives. It's quit amazing when God gives you the courage
to sit down with your mother and tell her you're not a
virgin and all the crap that has been going on in your
relationship for the past three years- and she doesn't bat
an eye. That was a big step for me. But talk about trust.
My relationship with my parents has moved on to a whole new
I'm learning to be patient right now. It's a virtue i've
been told- one you have to practice. Things keep coming up
in my life that i think are from God, I believe that it's
just me wanting to find someone/thing (tangible) to cling
onto for comfort. If i shut up and listen i can hear what
God's telling me. Wait.I'm waiting, keeping my eyes open
till i think they'll dry up and turn to dust. Waiting,
listening so hard that i may have an aneurisim and die.
But that's what God wants. Total devotion to Him and when
He's sure He has it, He'll show me the way.

So i'll wait...

-Nathaniel S.