Word Gets Around
2001-08-22 22:31:23 (UTC)

Self-disgust is self obsession

I am going to reading festival tommorow, I have been
looking forwards to it since last year. I'm all geared up
and packed, everyone is meeting at my place and we will set
off. However, D. is coming with us now. Its not that I dont
like him, or that he isnt a mate. Its just that he is so
time-consuming. When is he sober, he is attention-seeking,
and when he is not, he is over-emotional, and almost
impossible to ignore. this is the first holiday I've had in
two years, and it feels liek he will ruin it. Its so unfair
that he will expect us to be responsible for him. And I
cant help but try and do whats best for him. I have to see
the Manics, I will die if i miss them. I can see him
bawling his (HIS) eyes out and me being left behind to sort
him out. I'm so tired of other people. They Suck.Hell is
other people.