2001-08-22 22:21:06 (UTC)


People just piss me off....oh my gosh!! Parents contradicte
themself constantly, First they tell me that I am into my
boyfriend to much and I need more freinds, so I get more
freinds, and now im never home, so when I am home I get
yelled at. So now since I am home i cant wait to leave
cause i got nothing to do!! I got a new puppy so I am
watching that all day. I just started to become freinds
with a exboyfreind who is using me to get with my freind,
which is stupid...well at least i think he is using me I am
not quite sure of his motives. My boyfreind who i havent
seen all summer, is suppose to come home friday, but he
never seems to know...and I am not used to being around him
at all anymore and he has *changed* I guess so thats just
great I have no clue about the boy I love. I mean what if
he comes home and is like umm yea I found better...see ya,
and I spent this whole summer waiting for him to return.
School starts soon so its gonna be weird, exspecially
since I dont know my boyfriend anymore...:( This is like
the diary of a drama queeen I swear. I should be happy, i
get all stressed out so easily..it really sucks. I feel
like I think to fast for my head. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH
is all that seems to come out..