Kittie Kat

My Weird Life
2002-11-28 03:40:47 (UTC)

The guys

Hi its kathy. I'm having guy problems, as usual. This guy
named justin likes me but he has a very weird way of
showing it. He's always calling me a b**** and things along
those lines. I know im such an idiot becuz for some reason
unknown it kinda hurts my feelings. And i dont even like
him at all Well to another guy problem. His name is
Niles. I met him when i was in 7th grade and we really hit
it off. We went out for awhile in the summer but we broke
up becuase we never got to see each other. But in that time
we went out I got really attached. He told me he loved me
but a few days ago he told me that he didnt mean it and
that really hurt me so much I think about him every day
and i didnt think he even cared who i was until recently he
told me that he did and he wants to go out next year(we
cant this year becuz he's in h/s and im in m/s). I really
like him but he's really a bad influence on me. He hates my
best friend hayley and i dont like that one bit About
every word that come out of his mouth is a cuss word and im
trying to stop doing that. He kinda likes slutty girls
(which doesnt explain me). He just has a bad attitude
sometimes. But he didnt use to act like that. He used to be
a sweet, caring, understanding person. I loved his
personality, which he doesnt show to much anymore, and i
love the way he treats me. But i dont think he's what i
need right now. Now there is another guy. His names Bobby.
Bobby and Niles are total opposites. Bobby would never
cuss. Hes so sweet all the time. He doesnt wanna make out
with a girl 24/7Hes never even had his first kiss. He's
waiting for the right one i think. He's just such an angel
And i forgot to mention that he's Hotwith a capital HI've
known him since I was in 1st grade. His sister and I were
in the same girl scout troup so i got to c bobby alot. I've
nad a crush on him forever i just decided not to say
anything. But c he's in 9th grade to which totally sucks
becuz im in 8th gradeoh and he likes hayleyHe's on the
same soccer team as hayleys brother But anyways, He wants
to hang out sometimes so hayley and andrew and me and bobby
might go to the movies on fridayBut one problem, Niles
wants to go to the movies on friday to, so i dont know what
to doThis is gonna be hard becuz i really like both of
them. I say i love niles, but do i really, or is it just a
crush? and i know i dont love bobby but i mean of course i
dont we've never gone out b4Im so confused

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