my thoughts that no one knows
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2002-11-28 03:27:47 (UTC)

i rememebr, do you?

dear KM ,
do you rememebr when i went outside on the frist day of
summer break and screamed at the top of my lungs? i was so
happy it was finally sumemr.

do you rememember when me and K were totally mad at
eachother because of KM? i hated K, to me, she was evil.
KM took K away from me, and i vowed that i would never like
her. i was so full of hatred that still, part of me deosnt
like her, even though shes really nice and wants to be my
friend. i just cant brign myself to like her.

do you rememerb weh i first moved into my house? i
rememerb i was so excited to roll around on the carpets.
and to answer the phone, wow...

do you remember how i loved life so much before seventh
grade. you ruined everythign KM, no wonder i cant brign
myslef to like you. gosh without you, me and K would be
even closer, but no matter how hard you tried to make ehr
go against me, she still stuck with me. i think her
formthat even today, but i will never forgive you taking
away my seventh grade year. i seriosuly dont understand
why K still likes you. if iw as K, i would hate your
guts. you took K away from me, and you enjoyed it. i will
never frogive you for taking K and for always ignorign me.
i will never ever in all my life forgive you. you can
beleive that. if you ever read this, which one one deos,
you can make sure that you will never be my friend.

do you rememeber how i would dance in the front yard for
mommy every day at our old house? i would just dance and
dance and she would make me slower crowns. oo how i lived
each day to the very fullest.

no you wouldnt rememerb, not to mention know any of this.
you never knew how i felt. evryday i would come home from
school and think about the day. i would think how i would
rty to make the next one more possitive. i would think
about what i ahd to live for, and i would think about this:
what would you think if i killed myslef? then maybe you
would feel sorry for me. im so happy i didnt kill myslef,
though often at night i would think of new things to put on
my imaginary suicidal note. i still do that. not a day
goes by that i dont think of how Km ruined my teenage
life. i hope you read this, and i hope your sorry for the
pain you caused me. you caused me a great deal of pain,
that i will never forget. if you read this i hope you
wonder what it was like for me everyday to see you and my
best friend, and that tiem one of my only friends, for me
to see her beign pulled farther away from me, to you. i
hated you so much for what you did to me. adn i will
always hate part of you. i hope one day you wake up and
realize, im a little ditz who takes people friends, i
betetr stop. i hope you realize, you made my seventh grade
life horrible, and i will never ever forget that in a
million years.

~*Girl X*~

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