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2001-08-22 21:07:22 (UTC)

The End of Summer, The Begining of My Life

The summer is practically over for me. I have basically 15
hours left until I go to school tomorrow morning. I'm not
sure I realize quite yet that the summer is over. I'm
thinking of tomorrow as just another day, when it's all
going to change drastically from the summer laziness that I
am consumed in right now. It's not that I dred going back
to school, but that I am afraid. Truely afraid. Not of
getting lost, or some lame excuse like that. But more
afraid of what the rest of my life will be like. I'm
losing one of my best friends ever this year. Justine;
she's going to Central. It's going to be so different
without her. I am sure that she will make friends really
quick though, but I know in our hearts, we will never
forget each other no matter how far we may drift apart. I
will also look back on this summer as probably the best one
I have ever had. Heck, I've made at least five new friends
this summer, and that is a great accomplishment. I hope I
continue to talk to them throughout the school year, and
hope that they don't push the new relationship off as just
someone they happened to know during the summer monthes.
I also made another new friend, and sister during this
summer; Jenna. I'm happy that when are friends and not at
each others throats all the time like biological sisters.
She's a very cool sister; we share a lot of the same
interests such as scrapbooking, some music, and just
opinions on other people such as J. Ho, that's right, J.
To sum this summer up... it's the best one I've ever had
and I hope it lives on forever in the hearts of everyone I
spent it with.

Sincerely Signing Off For Now,