The many thoughts of Ann
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2001-08-22 21:02:53 (UTC)


Well Kyle from camp emailed me. it was cute. i think he
likes me cuz he said stuff like come on msn i want to talk
to u. i like talkin to u and do u have a boyfriend? if you
do he is a very lucky person. lol so i thought it was cute.
i dont like him though,,, not more than a friend anyway.
but the thing that was also kinda cute was that kyle
Emailed me and dustin emailed jen. so it was like they
email the ppl they like. and i hope dustin liked jen cuz if
he doesn;t i am gonna have to hate him. i hate guys like
that. but lets hope thats not the case. anyways i haven't
talked to kyle yet cuz he hasn;t been on msn when i am
so i will let ya know how that convo goes when it happens...
i really do wanna go up to my cottage for thanksgivving
though cuz i miss joe and matt and everyone like that. they
were cool guys and it sucks we didn;t get to say goodbye to
them. aw well, wut can ya do. so anyways. i miss guys!! i
miss being around them. i NEED to be around them. i know it
may sound weird but its true. and no i am not desperete or
anything like that its just i love them so much and being
around them is just so much fun!!! and being at camp and my
cottage has made me relize that i have like NO guy friends
at home. so at home i cant hang with guys which is wut i
need to do .... dammit
aw well
i'll write again no doubt!
luv ME