Life In Munchkin Land
2002-11-28 02:45:47 (UTC)

My butt hurts

Today..was well out of the ordinary...Joan came over today
which was all cool because now I think I'm actually starting
to understand her more and thats bringing us closer as
friends which is great..Anywho..My mom had school tonight
and joan and i were on the bored side sooooo we asked if
maybe we could tag along and go hang out with alex...oh man
what an adventure we got ourselves into..Alex is this really
hott guy from shik and well yeah..u get the idea there..so
like yeah..hes abusive..not that i care because hey..omg a
hott guy who would care..well joan did because he got in her
"bubble" of space..I was like he can come in my bubble
anytime lol..But now after spending time with him..my ass
seems to have a sudden pain in it...(dont be thinkin
sexually here) he has thing where he hits my ass and it
really hurts....oh well...i still luv the dude haha...He is
defintly one great person hahahahaha Well other than my
ass hurting it was one helluva great night and i hope i get
a chance to hang out with him more cuz hes the bestest bud
ever well im done now cyaz on the flipside

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