Soul Searcher
2001-08-22 20:11:45 (UTC)

About last night!

So I go to drop my very sick little baby off at his
father's last night so that I can go work at my second
job. Isn't that fun? Any way I never went in because
Joshua was just too sick. Josh actually made us some
dinner and we watched T.V. Joshua wouldn't even let me
stand up hardly because he was so sick that all he wanted
was his mommy.

Josh asked if we were going home or not and I said yes we
were. He asked why? Why don't you guyz just stay here.

I told him that I didn't have any work clthes or anything
for the next day.

He said to just go change in the morning so I said O.K,
because Joshua was already asleep anyway I didn't want to
wake him up.

Deep down I just wanted to stay anyway because I was
getting kinda lonely, ya know?

Any way one thing led to another and we ended up doing you
know what. It was fun and all but I always feel crappy the
next day because are relationship is still so shitty and
then I go and give him that. Even though I wanted it too.

I just feel like he should be so kissing my ass right now,
and he is not. What does that mean?

I guess good-bye until the saga continues.........