Living Between the Lines
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2002-11-28 01:04:36 (UTC)

Day one 11/26 let's look at all this crazy stuff for a sec.....for 2
years this dude at school has been after me..and I was never really
interested in him. Finally i gave him a chance and hes all
like....ok well lets hook up 24/7. I dont really care one way or
another, but when your trying ot get me off in my best friend's bf's
basement while they are down there too is just a little bit weird. So
now hes all like im sorry and I didnt mean to make u feel weird but u
led me on and blah blah blah.....So we decided to try again and it
never im like, jon, lets be friends. So he gets mad at
me one night and tells me that I lost my last chance....helloI dont
remember asking for one. Oh now he wants to hook up and
I Kinda do too just b/c I havnet gotten any in a while and U get
bored of yourself after while. So I tried to go out wiht him tonite
and I cant get ahold of him. I wish he would figure out what the
hell he wanted......cuz I know what I want. Oh well..the kid's crazy