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2002-11-27 23:14:10 (UTC)

Just My Luck.


I Hate when my hands go bonkers and attack the keyboard. I
just erased the nonsense that was written, accidentally erased it
all. I couldn't find it to get it back. MAN Wouldn't you believe
it. It's just my luck. No recess. You're in my school again.

Anyway, I wanted to clear up suttin. The Shrink didn't
take me off Adderall. He only said I won't be taking it in
the future. The future does not mean to-morrow, either.
It means he's only going to prescribe me Adderall another
tyme or two. What then? It's going to suck. I didn't
take my Adderall last Saturday & Sunday because I ran out.
I slept most of those two days, but I, however, couldn't
sleep either nyte...STILL. And my mood was haywire. I
brought Mum and we talked to my Shrink to-day. He doesn't
believe NOT taking Adderall would cause me to get Manic,
just because it's a stimulant so with a lot of people it
causes them to get Manic when they do take it. Didn't
believe my mum when she told him, either. I'm just
weird... That shouldn't mean I'm automatically wrong. He
also doesn't believe me on the reason I take it. He thinks
I take it because it surpresses my appitite. But it
doesn't even do that anymore. And that's not why I took it
before, I didn't care about that. I cared that it helped
take it, dammit. GRRRrr.

The Shrink didn't change anything to-day. Still the same
old shit.

I'm flat broke right now, and will be until Sunday. It
really sucks. I Hate not having money. I can't buy
anything when I don't have any money...And I want to buy my
things. I have my whole paycheck that I get Sunday the
First financed. I'm going to have plenty of money to do
Holiday shoppings, pay rent, buy gas for Carvelle, and all
the such.

I started doing my book reports for school. I'm doing a
flow chart over a Spidey book I read & a report on OCD.
Plus I'm STILL reading 'Lost Souls,' & I'm going to do a
flow chart over it. Once I get those four things finished,
why, I will be graduated finally. Just hope I get finished
with it all before my birthday, before I'm 20. That's my
goal here.

Big cheese, make me. Mine said go to the office.
Big cheese, make me. Mine said what the hell.
Black is black, no trading back. We were enemies.
Sure you are, but what am I? We were enemies.
Big lies make mine. Mine said go to the office.
Big cheesse, make me. Mine said what's the code.
Black is black. No trading back,
Sure you are, but what am I?
She eats glue, how 'bout you?