good times, good times
2001-08-22 19:16:17 (UTC)

crank it up crank crank it up my name is jenny it up crank crank it up an i like boys it up crank crank it up they are so fine it up crank crank it up my feet go stomp stomp wrist wrist whew what a relief it is it up crank crank it up

all kinds of good and bad news...

* it had been a month and 3 weeks since the last you know
what, and i was a little worried cuz although i havent
actually had sex, i have heard that it can still happen if
you get some of it down there, and that could have
happened...but yesterday it started! i have never been so
glad for that
kinda sorry now though...

* lance hasnt called me since friday and i left him several
messages. i wasnt' too concerned at first cuz i went home on
sunday and was there all day monday and we both worked
saturday and partied different place sat night, and i worked
yesterday and so did he and he works days and i work nights,
so i've been trying to blow it off, but he hasn't called
once, no messages, no missed calls...he's not calling me
again. i'm gonna call him one more time mabey tomorrow, but
after that no more unless he calls back. i kinda miss him,
but hate to tell ya, i'm not desperate!! kinda wish i knew
why though. get some closure or something

* kevin's gonna tell doug to give me a raise cuz i've been
working my butt off. and i'm fixing to move to the back
counter, but who cares! cuz

* i finally talked to gayle and i have an interview at 3:00
on friday! she said i already have the job! i am so pumped!
that's $10 an hour!!!!!!! and she said i could have a lot of
hours! yyaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

* grant tried to get me to start chillin with him again. i
was like sorry, but if i hang with you it's gonna have to be
pre-church-incident-after-roadtrip kinda hangin out. he was
a little disappointed, but i don't think he was crushed, so
that's good cuz mabey we can still be friends cuz he's fun,
and i kinda miss that a little bit.

* matt i most likely gonna try to get a hookup this weekend,
but too bad for mister early ______, but no, and even if i
wanted to, my aunt's gonna be home this weekend, so he's

* got a huge check from my college. it was a refund check.
i'm not complainin, but i'm a little curious where the money
came from...