Moonwind Dancer

Moonwind Dancer's Shadow of the Nig
2001-08-22 19:13:04 (UTC)

My new diary

MM All ,
I have just started this diary and I am pretty excited . I
love keeping track of the events in my life and sometimes I
just like to BITCH! However, this is not one of those
days. It's hot and sunny outside. The wind has set up a
nice breeze and I am feeling great. Today is my hubby's
payday so, we will be doing bill paying and shopping today
when he gets home. I ahve so many things to do.

First, My name is Jamie. I am a 54 year old woman. I have
four living children. I gave birth to five. I am on the
chubby side of 250!!! I have short white/blond hair,hazel
eys and I am tattooed from the top of my 5'8" frame to the
toes. I had a tattoo shop for 30 years and am now
reluctantly retired. My hubby is 40, 5'6" tall with
beautiful silver/gray hair and warm brown eyes. We both are
half-breed Native Americans and proud of it.

We live in a turn of the 20th century house in Oklahoma. It
is really a beautiful place. When we got it there was a
lot of work to be done to it. Now that I think of it,
there still is, but we intend to stay here so we will be
doing the work ourselves. We both love renovating old
houses. I just wish this one had a fireplace, which it
doesn't. I suppose at the time it was built gas was an
affordable way to heat and light homes. It has the gas
pipes but we don't have it hooked up yet. Most of the house
has been re-wired. The dining room and the living room
don't have wiring for the ceiling lights just yet so we use
lamps. It makes it kind of cozy.

We have 4 dogs,one large outside dog(1/2pitt 1/2 dobie)
named Zeus; 2 8month old 1/4 chihuahua 3/4 doxie pups named
Lilith and Lowrider; 3 month old 1/4 chihuahua 3/4 doxie pup
(same mom & dadas the first two) named Baby Duck; we also
have 1 momma cat named Buttercup, an older kitten named
Chip,and 3 younger kittens named Trouble, Snickerdoodle,
and Twister.Plus we have a love bird named Friendly.

I am diabled now, so I spend most of my time at home. I am
an author of New Age books and historical romance novels.
My husband, Sterling(whom I call Ster most of the time) is
a prep chef at a Mexican restaurant. We both are computer
fanatics. We fight over who can be online or who ahs been
online the longest. I admit most of the time it's me! I
am a Wiccan Priestess and have a permant circle here in our
house. My sister, Destiny and I preform rituals in it
almost nightly. I have a club on called
MoowindDancers Shadows of the Night. It is listed under
religeons/pagans. Later I will give the exact addy for
it. I just started it today so it is real new.

Anyway, I hope to see some of you there. It is open to the
public and all questions will be answered and there will be
lots of other stuff there too. So drop by.

I had better go finish my laundry before my hubby gets home
because it will be hectic after that.

Till later...Have a good day/night!

BB Blessings