2002-11-27 21:52:07 (UTC)

I'm Back again

Hey i told you i would write again. LOL. Today has been
pretty cool. There is this empty house across the road from
me and they are going to sell it Dec 9th at 11:30 there is
a piece of paper taped to a tree telling about it. Tommorow
i am going to be very busy. We are going 3 or 4 different
places. I want everyone to know i am over Jason. (I think)
lol. I have alot of friends i am tight with ( if you read
the previous entry you know what i am talkin about. Well i
gotta go get ready for church. We are going to practice for
our christmas play & eat after church because 1st batist is
coming. If anyone wants to come they can Roland is a very
loving church. Well like i said i have to go get ready i
will write when i get back.