2001-08-22 18:48:11 (UTC)

August 22nd....DAY AWAY......

Aw, today is my day off. It feels sooo good. Well, school
today was just as the days before...BORING! I don't know
what's missing at our school. I know there is just so much
BS there though. It's truly a big mess. Anyway, the Travis
thing is just dead...I haven't talked to him at
all....hopefully it stays that way. Like, I still want us
to be friends but we don't have to talk all the time. The
Antonio situation....well, that was never a really big
situation in the first place. I just trip out with him. I
think it's more lust there than like anyway. One thing that
is on my mind though is whether or not I'm going to be able
to go see Leroy play...if he plays. I don't mind seeing him
on the bench. WELL, to be truthful....fuck Leroy...I want
to see the rest of his teammates! I know what Leroy looks
like...show me some men! LOL...I'm a mess! But for real, I
do want to catch a lil collgiate football :) Oh yeah,
someone said something mean to me today...not saying any
names, but he said that I didn't deserve tickets because
Leroy couldn't get it in. :o That was mean! Well, it's
kinda funny now, but when that person said it(rhymes w/ tub)
it kinda hurt. Why did Leroy tell him that? Niggas! What if
I were to tell Dee that he probably would have never got it
in anyway because he couldn't last if he had a gun to his
head....I wouldn't do that because sex is a personal matter
and it shouldn't be put in the "papers" for everyone else
to know about it. I guess that just shows me the little boy
that is still in Leroy. He'll be okay though. I GUESS!

But anyway, I need to be more aggressive. I don't know why
I just start thinking about this, but it's been on my mind.
I need to take charge and put it on the line. I want to
voice my opinions to someone and just let things happen
from there. I'll do it to a certain extent...I'm not afraid
of rejection because if that person is like, "NO"...then
you probably didn't need that person anyway. (DID THAT MAKE
SENSE?)I'm gonna start making the first moves... I CAN DO
IT!....LOL...I'm starting to talk off the top of my head
now...gotta go.....*J*