U think u know, but u have no Idea
2001-08-22 18:37:37 (UTC)

My best friend is a psycho

last saturday I slept over my best friends house, it
started out normal till my other best friend shaina called,
then it got weird. The story is Kathleen (my best friend)
introduced me to shaina about 2 years ago. we didn't hit it
off, but in 7th grade (last year)we really hit it off and
since then we have become really close, maybe even closer
than kathleen and us. and kathleen can't take it. see
kathleen doesn't really know how to make and keep friends,
she seems to push everyone away by being mean to them, and
then wondering y no want anythign to do with her. me and
shaina are the only people (besides liv) who have stuck by
her through it all, and we're through. I'm scared for
kathleen, she's pushed to many people away that she has no
one, and she's not a stable person at the moment. she can
dish it out, but sure as hell can't take it. I hope she
learns to be nicer to people, if she ever does leave hb,
she better changer her attitude towards everything. becuz
if she acts like that at a public school, not only will she
have no friends, girls will pick fights with her. I'm
scared for my best friend I luv her, but she treats me like
shit half the time, but I gtg bye