U think u know, but u have no Idea
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2001-08-22 18:21:11 (UTC)


ahh dammit schools about to start again, which means my
friends, DAMMIT, but it's ok, maybe they have grown up, but
prob not. Beccas party let me know pretty easily that
nuthin had changed. It was fun, until becca and caitlin
ditched the party to have dry sex with matt and brandon,
even though they know neither of them would EVER go out
with them, hello we're 8th graders, they're in high school,
I mean in high school things will definately change, but
high schoolers usually only go out with other
highschoolers. I mean i would never go out with any one
younger than me, but then again girls are like that.well
I'm still pissed i have to go back, real pissed and I hate
my school and about 85% of the people there, but I'm stuck
there.I can't wait till high school.

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