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my F***ed up head
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2002-11-27 17:52:28 (UTC)

Last night

ok last night was really fucked up and insane in the
mambrane no joke dude- ok like i said i was spending the
night at nikkis and she said she was spending the night at
kristina hiltons and taco said she waas spendign the night
somewhere too and so none of us had to be home and kristina
has said that we could spend the night at her house and
then when we got to her house we couldnt so me and nikki
and taco had no where to go and then we ended up just going
back to nikkis but when we had been out we had been with
becky too and oh my god i wanted to shoot her- like ok i
havent hung out with the guys in like forever it seems like
and i want to hang out with them so bad but like i felt
like they werent really missing me so it ddnt matter if i
was with them or not so i had been with nikki and meg
lately well last night chota comes up to me and goes julie
i just wanted to tell u that u r like my best girl friend,
i consider you one of the guys like when i say i would
rather be hanging out with the guys, your included in that
cuz ur like one of the guys to me" and i was like thats
straight and he hugged me and yeah and then later becky was
like "julie whats been up with u lately?" and im like what
and shes like " yeah like i was talking to the guys and
they said u've been like weird lately and their all like
yeah she's crazy" and all this stuff saying about how they
were saying all this shit and she said it was turner and
chota and pat and im like wtf???? cuz chota had said
that to me and like yeah i saw pat last night and he hugged
me good bye or whatever but i think he just felt like he
had too or something but imean i miss them so much and
would love to hang out with them again but i dunno so like
i may just not go to zero tonight and hang out with them.
but it jsutl ike pissed me off that she would say that shit
to me and all i kept thinking while she was saying it
is "do u have any idea how many ppl think YOUR psycho???"
like what the fuck why would u ever tell someone that
someone else, especially someone that i have slept with is
being like yeah she's crazy and all this shit it was sooooo
pissing me off so i am gonna fucking get eher back- she
tries to make everyone think that the everyonge else like
totally loves her and like she is the best thing like she
is always saying about how she gets with guys and like how
blah blah blah thinx shes hot or whatever and trying to
glamorize herself and like shes best friends with the guys
now and like she took my spot and their one chiller girl-
what the fuck? so tonight i am gonna regain my position of
power with them an be like ha ha beck they think im
awesome and ur fucking insane-what up now bitch and it was
just sooooo annoying hearing her voice last night like she
was just so annoying last night and she as all over chota
one minute and all over fucking polo the next and it pisses
me off cuz she like uses polo for his weed and cuzl ike
everyone loves polo so she was to let everyone know polo
loves her- like what the fuck when me and polo were
whatever i didnt go rubbing it in ppl's faces and shit and
i hope he doesnt like her anymore after last night cuz holy
shit i wanted to shoot her- and kristina was like amazing
to me- like i have never heard someone talk so much in my
whole life and for sooooo fucking long me and pauly and
nikki were just like oh my god does she ever stop and pauly
was like i wonder if her mouth gets tired and yeah the only
time i had fun last night was when we were with polo and
pauly cuz they were awesome and like the best was when me
and pauly and nik were talking bout krstina that was my
fave time of the night and yeah i dunno jsust it was cashed-
it woulda been straight if becky hadnt been there- like i
like krsitina she just talks alot but becky- oh no thats a
whole nother story but i gotta go just we ended up going
back to nikkis atlike four- but peace out- i gotta go
change my sheets- later ~julz