I am a goddess
2001-08-22 17:33:36 (UTC)

FAT is a big issue

sticks and stones may break my bones but words csan never
hurt me. Bullshit! In my experience its the words that hurt
the most. Being called fat hurts, especially when you know
it doesnt matter how hard you diet you will never fit into
a size 10. Especially when you get depressed and eat far
more and get even bigger. I swesar in 8 weeks i have put on
a stone!!!!!
Im now following a diet i got off blueangel, so far i ahve
lost 3 pounds ina day, good atart me thinks. People say i'm
stupid but i'm not doing it for them im doing it for me. So
fuck them, if i think i need to be thinner im going to diet
regardless of what some skinny moo tells me, its alright
for them, theyre naturally thin they dont know what it
feels like to be fat.
They cant possibly understand.