The Diary of Me
2002-11-27 16:47:40 (UTC)

Mum'll be home soon

I can't write much because my mum'll be home soon and i'm
supposed to be doing homework. I had the perfect idea on
how to get my own bck on Dominie for being such horrible
friend. I nicked her locker key out her coat pocket and at
the end of the school dy, i went into her locker to see if
she hd nything in it. She had some boring papers and three
of my videos i'd lent her aaaaaaaages ago so i took then
out (Jenny was there) nd i put them in Jennys bag. I've
still got her key nd i'm going to find some wy of getting
Ktie's pencil cse and putting the key in it That'll teach
her for being so horrible to me. I tried and tried so hard
to be her mte again. I send her giant chocolte bar and
sme relly cute letters in n envolope, i sked her why she'd
fllen out with me etc nd the worst thing is...i never did
out to make her fall out with me in the first place It
really annoys me.
Well, apart from that, nowt happened 2day. My burn on my
face is really annoying me now, EVERYONE was lookin at me
cuz its like a beard, lol that dus sound funny, but it
Anyway, i better go. Don't worry i'll find other ways as
well to get back at Dominie, it ain't over I just hope
jenny dunt spoil it by sayin sumet or hintin, ill be in
soooo much trouble then please let this go right for me
and let her have sum bad luk in her perfect little bloody
world PLEASE Anyway, gtg and do homework, practise
guitar. Reply letter to Leanne etc. Okay
Time now: 4.46pm

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