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2002-11-27 16:46:29 (UTC)

Free Show

Hey kids,

Well last night I went to the Okgo show. It wasn't great
but I did have a good time thanks to some friends being
there. I had to ride the bus there. There's always a story
to tell after riding the bus. This particular time, I have two. Well,
more like one, you decide for yourself: I get on the bus just up the
street from my house, there's just me and this one other
old guy. At the Laos Center I change buses so I can go
straight downtown to the Rialto (that's where they show
was). So everything's fine, just riding along. First stop,
this old guy gets on with his $1 bus fare in his hand. The
smell of cigarettes, beer and piss are overwhelming, it
made my eyes water so that I had to take off my specs for a
bit. He sits down beside me, loudly says, "Hi, how are ya
swwetheart?" and starts looking through all his pockets for
his money. Maybe five minutes later he realizes the dollar
is in his hand. He pays his fare and sits in the back of
the bus. He starts talkin to this guy (about 19, 20 years
old) about his basketball shorts. The old guy yells, "Hey,
those are nice baseball shorts, I like those baseball
shorts." The young guys says, "they're basketball shorts,
see, Michael Jordan's on 'em." Old guy yells, "Where'd you
get those baseball shorts?? Hey, how much did those cost ya
man?" "I don't know, I got 'em for my birthday" "Oh, I like
baseball, it's a fun game." By this time we've made a
couple more stops and this middle aged lady gets on with
her husband I assume. They sit right in front of me, facing
me. The entire rest of the journey downtown, this lady
starred at me, didn't take her eyes off me once. I'm just
thinking, "Do I have something on my face?? I haven't eaten
anything today and I washed my face and all before I left
home so that can't be it. Why's she looking at me??" The
old guy gets off the bus yelling bye to his new friend. I
get off and head for the Rialto. There's a pretty short
line there, so I look for some of my friends and find them
sitting in a circle eating some Bisonwitches food ( a very
good deli, you should definatly stop by if you're ever in
Tucson, I recommend the Potato soup in a breadbowl ).
Within 10 minutes of my arrival, we're let in. They'd just
finished up the sound check and the show starts.

The first band up was some local band, I can't remember
their started with a D and they sucked. I mean
they'd probably sound good on CD but as for live, they were
kinda boring to watch and listen to. But hey, whatever
tickles your pickle, right? The second band was Trapt. The
name sounds oh so familiar but none of the song rung a bell
for me. They were pretty good, kinda like a cross between
Everclear and Good Charlotte. The drummer a cutie and so
was the lead singer but he was too pretty for my taste (
Plus at the end of their set I saw him talkin to the Tommy
Hilfiger wearing chicks that were running away from a
moshpit that was like 10 feet away from them. Fuckin pussy
ass bitches....more on that later in the entry). I got a
couple of their stickers for my door and got a good look at
the drummer. ::drools on myself:: Haha....Next was Okgo, it
was odd watching them perform because the lead singer had a
broken foot so he sat down the whole show and was just
rockin out in this little funky chair. It was one of those
wicker and metal chairs you'd see at an old person's place
that lived in a trailer. The other guitarist creeped me
out, he looked just like Mr. Shanler, my 8th grade math
teacher....that guy was a riot, he looked like the lounge
singer in Beavis and Butthead Do America. The crappy 70s
hair, open shirt with the gold chain hanging and all. LoL,
there was a guy playing the keyboard, he had the biggest
unibrow I'd ever seen. I swear to good he looked like the
spawn of Oscar The Grouch and Mr. Bean. He played the hell
outta that keyboard and stuff though. I bought their Cd
with the help of Lucas (not the big hairy one). I was like
50 cents short of $10 for the Cd and the vender guy
wouldn't let me slide. Lucas and I searched the floor for
money and eventually got the 50 cents I needed. It was
totally worth it, you should pick it up. YEAH YOU They
had free pins too, got some for my soon to be military pin
bag and my sister too. But overall it was a pretty good
show. Saw some old friends, made some new ones, what more
could a girl as for.....I did get mad at a couple things.
My favorite jeans got a giant chunck of gum on the bottom
of the leg. It wasn't even an outside show, people just
spit their gum on the floor, don't they have any fuckin
home training?? I got hit in the back of the head twice.
The first time was by some drunk asshole throwing his/her
beer and the second time was a quarter or something. I
don't know what it was but the sumbitch. Due to those two
wastes of space, when I got home I had a pounding headache
and my hair spelled like beer as well as cigarettes.
Cigarettes I don't mind, I myself enjoy a cigar from time
to time, but beer....I hate beer, if you're gonna get drunk
do it right. Hit the hard stuff, hit it straight and hit it

Ok, now I'm gonna rant about the dumb chicks that ran from
the moshpit. Imagine three butt-ass ugly "Girls Gone Wild"
reject kinda chicks. Everytime the slightest bit of moshing
started they were like "Ahhh It's time to move girls
Ahhh". What kinda shit is that?? There were kids there
like 5 to 10 ( cutest thing I've ever seen, little Jinco
shorts and combat boots, little spikes in his hair ) in the
crowd with everybody else. They didn't run or anything. But
these chicks, I couldn't believe them. 10 feet away from
them, four guys start a little moshpit and they damned near
cruhsh me try to avoid it. The worst part was they left
during Trapt's set and afterwards the one that was the most
afraid of the pit was talking to the lead singer. Man, if I
had a penis I'd cut it off to avoid letting big Peter take

Today's lesson kids, PEOPLE ARE FUCKING STUPID No matter
how nice they are, they're stupid. What's the reason for
throwing a beer or spitting gum on the floor in an inside
venue?? I'll tell you the reason, THEY'RE STUPID
time, take care of yourselves and eachother. - Jerry
Springer.....what a guy

G'night Kids,