Happy days, and then those other ones
2001-08-22 17:09:54 (UTC)

just call me angel i'm your angel darling!

katylovely: i love you~
EvilMarshmello: i love you 1
katylovely: you call me princess and make me feel special
and i miss you so much!
EvilMarshmello: cause u are a princess
EvilMarshmello: a pretty pretty princess
katylovely: what did i ever do to deserve you? whatever it
is i'm glad i did it!
EvilMarshmello: u went to a famiy reunion full of a bunch
of senile people and almost nocked a guy in the water
EvilMarshmello: and from the on he liked you
EvilMarshmello: kinda wierd huh?!
EvilMarshmello: but itworks for me cause love you
katylovely: i almost nocked you in the water?
EvilMarshmello: yeah
katylovely: wow! it worked i guess! go me!
EvilMarshmello: on the way towards the water i looked up ad
saw ur face ad it just kinda hit me wow thats the princess
for me
the sheer ability u had to show worry yet laughter and at
the same time seem so nonchalant aboot it hit me as wow1
katylovely: well... i remember sitting on the swings just
talking to you and thinking liz wanted me to go to a
campfire but i didn't want to leave the spot i was sitting
because i really wanted to sit right next to you.
EvilMarshmello: remember our p.o.s. campfire
katylovely: pos? you mean the bug spray that we "didn't
EvilMarshmello: after that
EvilMarshmello: when i didnt know how to make the fire
katylovely: yeah!
EvilMarshmello: its just kinda smoked alot til john came
and "fixed" itEvilMarshmello: yeah i just tried as hard as
i couldto see how felt about me i tried everythig i was
having a anxious fit cause for once i didt know what to do
for a wole weekend
katylovely: but i did like you!
EvilMarshmello: and all the way up till the time i left i
dit know what to say to you the last day
katylovely: i didn't want you to leave
katylovely: aw.. i have to go get ready for a party that
started an hour ago.
EvilMarshmello: oh im sorry made you late cau ever forgive
katylovely: no, it wasn't you!
EvilMarshmello: yeah it was
EvilMarshmello: im sorry
katylovely: hmmm... well... i should goEvilMarshmello: yes
u shold
katylovely: well... bye.
katylovely: i love you!
EvilMarshmello: not that i would ever wat to rid of you
EvilMarshmello: i love you princess

hmmm... I LOVE THAT GUY!

well... on to that party!

~caroline j.

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