This is me...trying to find myself.
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2001-08-22 17:02:42 (UTC)


.....what a fuclking asshole... and he prolly wonders why
ashley doesnt liek him...

jimmydman87: sup were you invited to ashleys party
K8linIsC00l: yeah
K8linIsC00l: nothing is up
K8linIsC00l: whats up with you
jimmydman87: nothen
K8linIsC00l: were you?
jimmydman87: ofcoure

jimmydman87: she is a stupid bitch
K8linIsC00l: fuck you no shes not
jimmydman87: n-e ways
K8linIsC00l: who the fuck do you think you are calling her
a bitch
K8linIsC00l: she obviuosly doesnt really like you that
much.. and i can see why
K8linIsC00l: shes not a bitch
jimmydman87: she is always acting bichy to me which would
makeher a bitch
K8linIsC00l: thats b.c you act like a jack ass to her
K8linIsC00l: shes not a bitch
K8linIsC00l: so shut the fuck up
jimmydman87: noyou shut the fuck up
jimmydman87 signed off at 12:56:15 PM.

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