Exposing My Dystopia
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2001-08-22 16:45:54 (UTC)


there iznt n e one online right now to talk to, so i
figured id write sumthin. cuz im bored. yea. hehe. well
therez a few people on. jus no mikey or kauser or becca or
julian. well, julian is in skewl. and mikey iz @ work. and
i think kauser iz prolly workin 2. hmmm. beccaz home, most
definately, but shez not online. i could go n kall her. but
i wont. cuz im LAZY as all hell.
my dad iznt really mad about my hair. which iz a kewl
thing. i thought hed flip on me. but well he haznt sed n e
thing. my mom mentioned it to him and he jus sighed. and a
sigh iz better than grounding me, definately better. o eek
spoke to soon. he wanted to kno when itz gonna come out. i
told him a month. it'll prolly take a lil longer than that
tho. but he duznt needa kno. well im outtie, i finally
found people to entertain me. bye!