Life In Munchkin Land
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2002-11-27 15:32:25 (UTC)


Well..It snowed last night YAY To bad it wasn't on a
school day..damn oh well atleast it snowed Anyway..He
did call last night..but we only talked for a short time, I
guess that's better than not talking at all right? So Joan
and Starr are suppose to be coming over today..oh
boy..interesting..I really wanna go skating tonight but I
dont have anyone to go with but thats ok...Im use to be
alone...So the ups man came to my door with a huge box for
me It was all my clothes I ordered from Alloy Man Im
gonna be stylin now..Yeah buddy But I cant wear any of them
yet cuz I still didnt tell my mom..I used all my money..:/
hey its my money right?????? well i dont have anything else
to say right now so maybe ill endure more later...CYAZ