This is me...trying to find myself.
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2001-08-22 16:27:40 (UTC)


I'm baby sitting right now. I'm goign to get a hair
cut at like for soemthing.
Right now I'm not spose to be on the internet.. let
alone the computer. I'm talking to danny at the moment. He
says i cant be his bitch anymore. Because i don't call him.
lol... anyway

this is our conversation so far....

AirDan388: hey

Auto response from K8linIsC00l: AAAAAHHHHHH

K8linIsC00l: hey
K8linIsC00l: im babysittin
K8linIsC00l: sry
AirDan388: really?
AirDan388: cool bean
AirDan388: s
K8linIsC00l: no is npot
K8linIsC00l: babies cry
K8linIsC00l: when they hungry
K8linIsC00l: and then after youve run out off food
K8linIsC00l: aaaaaahhhhhhhh
AirDan388: do what that one lady did
K8linIsC00l: what
AirDan388: shake them until they die
K8linIsC00l: OMG
K8linIsC00l: no
AirDan388: you're not my bitch anymore
K8linIsC00l: why not
K8linIsC00l: cuz i wont kill a baby
K8linIsC00l: ????/
AirDan388: no
K8linIsC00l: why?
AirDan388: because you never ever call me anymore
K8linIsC00l: thas b cuz im a fraid of your dad
K8linIsC00l: and everytime i call you sleeoin
AirDan388: bull shit
K8linIsC00l: sleepin'*
AirDan388: from like 11 to 11
AirDan388: you can call
K8linIsC00l: lol ok
K8linIsC00l: i got up at 7 40 dis mornin
AirDan388: but you never will
K8linIsC00l: yes i will
AirDan388: because you hate me
K8linIsC00l: id call now but im baby sittin
AirDan388: suuure
K8linIsC00l: and i can hold a phone at tha same time
AirDan388: why can't you...where's the beast?
K8linIsC00l: what beats?
K8linIsC00l: beast*
K8linIsC00l: the baby
AirDan388: the "baby"
AirDan388: savage little bastard
K8linIsC00l: on the chair in front da comp
K8linIsC00l: das mean
K8linIsC00l: brb
AirDan388: is it a man or woman beast?
K8linIsC00l: im back
K8linIsC00l: is a guy
K8linIsC00l: and he isnt a beast
K8linIsC00l: his name is alex
K8linIsC00l: hes 7 months old
AirDan388: how big is his dick?
AirDan388: LoL
K8linIsC00l: sick
K8linIsC00l: now hes sittin in mah lap
K8linIsC00l: and hes burpin
AirDan388: LoL
AirDan388: you need to sit on mah lap
AirDan388: but don't burp
K8linIsC00l: lol at da moofies
K8linIsC00l: i wont
AirDan388: i get a 1 hour hug from ashley taday
K8linIsC00l: relly
AirDan388: yea
K8linIsC00l: really
K8linIsC00l: brb
K8linIsC00l: he b cyin
AirDan388: i'd be happy if i were on you...what's wrong
with him?
K8linIsC00l: hes hungry
K8linIsC00l: and day aint no food
AirDan388: for hot monkey sex
AirDan388: day?
AirDan388: who day?
K8linIsC00l: der*
AirDan388: LoL
K8linIsC00l: there isnt
AirDan388: you can come over hear
AirDan388: here*
K8linIsC00l: he yawnin
AirDan388: how...vicious
K8linIsC00l: how am i gunna get there?
AirDan388: you can ride me
K8linIsC00l: yay
K8linIsC00l: .....
AirDan388: whoa there caitlin
K8linIsC00l: lol
K8linIsC00l: j/k
K8linIsC00l: ....
K8linIsC00l: im lost
K8linIsC00l: *lost*
K8linIsC00l: i mean confused
K8linIsC00l: *confused*
AirDan388: that was a immensly delayed j/k
K8linIsC00l: lol
K8linIsC00l: brb
AirDan388: i think you meant it...
AirDan388: i have a panis

Auto response from K8linIsC00l: baby

AirDan388: penis*
AirDan388: it's is 6 inches in circumference
AirDan388: and 6 14/16 inches long
K8linIsC00l: ah
K8linIsC00l: excuse me?
AirDan388: LoL
AirDan388: MOOSE!
K8linIsC00l: pickle
AirDan388: picadilly
AirDan388: i win

Auto response from K8linIsC00l: baby

AirDan388: goddamn baby
AirDan388: just kill it and say it was sleeping and next
thing ya know it's dead
AirDan388: brb
K8linIsC00l: im back
K8linIsC00l: and you're gone
AirDan388: nope
AirDan388: i'm here
K8linIsC00l: ok
AirDan388: and you're soon to be not
K8linIsC00l: no
K8linIsC00l: hes sleepin
AirDan388: have sex with him
AirDan388: or me
AirDan388: your pick
K8linIsC00l: lol
AirDan388: caitlin: him he so sexy
K8linIsC00l: lol uh no
AirDan388: me over a baby
AirDan388: ?
K8linIsC00l: no
AirDan388: what?
K8linIsC00l: i dont know
AirDan388: so you'd pick the baby?
K8linIsC00l: im CONFUSED
AirDan388: ewww
K8linIsC00l: erg
K8linIsC00l: danny?
AirDan388: caitlin?
K8linIsC00l: i dont want to waste me time
K8linIsC00l: become another casualty
K8linIsC00l: something something
K8linIsC00l: ill never fall in love
K8linIsC00l: something....
K8linIsC00l: dont count on me
K8linIsC00l: dont count on me
K8linIsC00l: danny?
AirDan388: caitlin?
K8linIsC00l: danny?
AirDan388: caiitllinnn..ooooo yeeeaaa caiiitllinnnn, yeea
yeeea yeeeeeeaaaaa
K8linIsC00l: aaaaaahhhhhhh
K8linIsC00l: i mean
K8linIsC00l: god damn it
K8linIsC00l: look what you did
AirDan388: sure sure
AirDan388: you know you want herbert
AirDan388: LoL
K8linIsC00l: no
K8linIsC00l: not really
AirDan388: yes
K8linIsC00l: on an island in tha sun
K8linIsC00l: well be playin and havin fun
K8linIsC00l: blah bolah
K8linIsC00l: well run away tpgether
K8linIsC00l: well spend some time together
K8linIsC00l: er
K8linIsC00l: forever
AirDan388: not with you i won't
K8linIsC00l: god your mean to me
AirDan388: nope
AirDan388: you're mean to me
K8linIsC00l: am not
AirDan388: you wouldn't sit on mah lap
K8linIsC00l: i will at da moofies
AirDan388: i tried to get you to at the movies
AirDan388: you're stupid
K8linIsC00l: i thought you wanted mw to blow you
K8linIsC00l: i no
K8linIsC00l: i know*
K8linIsC00l: lol
AirDan388: you said that lyric was "i'll never fall in line"
AirDan388: i mean fall in love
AirDan388: it's fall in line
AirDan388: foolio
K8linIsC00l: LOVE damnit
K8linIsC00l: dont make me feel stupid
AirDan388: .

I don't want to waste my time
And become a casualty of society.
I'll never fall in line
Become a victim of your conformity
And back down.
K8linIsC00l: its LOVE
AirDan388: fool
K8linIsC00l: leave me alone
K8linIsC00l: loof
AirDan388: ok
K8linIsC00l: NOOOO
K8linIsC00l: i mena the line thing
K8linIsC00l: i hafta baby sit at 7 30 - 930 tonight
K8linIsC00l: what fun
K8linIsC00l: im sure you care
AirDan388: you told me to leave you alone
AirDan388: i take that seriously
AirDan388: now
K8linIsC00l: well dont
AirDan388: i shall leave you
AirDan388: goodbye caitlin
K8linIsC00l: Dam nit
K8linIsC00l: daaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnyyyyy
AirDan388: hi
AirDan388: oh shit sorry wrong box
AirDan388: sorry to bother you
K8linIsC00l: hey
K8linIsC00l: no
AirDan388: Goodbye Caitlin
K8linIsC00l: damn it
K8linIsC00l: dannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny?
AirDan388: yes?
K8linIsC00l: you spoke
K8linIsC00l: yay
AirDan388: no
AirDan388: i typed
K8linIsC00l: oh
K8linIsC00l: sorry
K8linIsC00l: type child

lol this is emilia's profile.. LMAO... i found it funny
i like cows.
ya know y i like cows?
because cows make milk.
and milk makes cheese.
and cheese goes on hamburgers.
and ya know what hamburgers r made of?
small world, huh?

great quotes...
"u and me r the type of people who would laugh at a rock..."

whAtever.. i dont know what else to say .. (or cut and
paste) so im goign to go