2002-11-27 15:20:56 (UTC)


Hey there is is no school today I am so happy. Today me
and my aunt kim our going to play with my dog BOSS he is
so sweet. He weighs 80 pounds and is taller than me when he
stands on his back feet. Anyways we had to put him int he
back lot but that is ok even though he is sad that he has
to stay in the back my himself. We may take him walkin to
day. I am going to go to church tonight and we are going to
practice our christmas play. And 1st babtist will be there
we are going to eat and all kinds of stuff. Chadd and drew
and Ashley will be there and all my other friends. I can't
wait. I miss them alot we are all really tight oh yeah i
forgote holdan we are the tightest. He lives right up the
road on the higway he is really sweet. Well i g2g talk in
about an hr. My mom is going to call.
whit & kim