Anand Bose

2002-11-27 14:35:35 (UTC)

In Picasso’s bull’s eye

In Picasso’s bull’s eye
Morning woke up, or I woke up; who cares? I care, of if you
are reading, please do care Ha How dare you care? May be
just a little bit? In bits bytes if you are machine or as
one’s and two’s if you are computer?
Needed a fag after coffee in Black Not the colour, just
the coffee and the colour; yes I am there, coloured; its so
dark there, so you wouldn’t know Wonder why you are
knowing?? Quit that razor of a smile Morning of a razor
and smiling –are you bald??? Ha Ha ha You are reading this
without mood’s?? It’s the name of a condom ok; Good name
huh?? You lubricate do you?? Are you sex?? Which one??
Pomegranate or custard ?? Are you lecherous as an ad??
Quite inhuman these adds about sex—they keep sending you
all about sex, other than the real one. Real toddlers,
these advertisers; they wet their bottoms as of yore,
wailing out a purchase without knowing how they are weaned
or cleaned. They shit and shit and shit motion and mail my
box to junk. May be I am sentimental, may be they are? They
hardly care for me as person with feelings. Machines are
worse than whores when selling sex are. And whores have
forgotten they are Persian’s. The harem hardly ever talks??
When they do they have hardly smut left; its all the same
language, anal, oral, cum, ass fuck, cunt fuck...fuck fuck
fuck and fuck; all playboy language with hardly a play and
hardly human to be language.
Was I shitting? May be you are?
You know why?
You hardly use the toilet?
Or hardly know why or may be you know...
The paper has gone dry??
The dug of the ass is golden, ass of a story with an ass of
In the end I forgot???
Was it three storied or two storied? Or st0ries?
The answer is silly??
Ooooooooh heck still count

Dora Mar was one hell of a beauty; ravishing
in the photograph; there was too much of an animal in the
painting; a real cubic bull The art was crafted to hide
her –Dora?? Come to think of it?? How does the Bull Paint
Bull painting Zeus has art when he chooses to be the
swan. The leda in question is all of a body; sanctity
violates sanctity? The bull is clever when he flies off the
creation leaving the answer to be bullfighters fighting.
May be its jealousy I never been invited by a Dora Mar