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Had a Bad Day Again....
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2001-08-22 15:56:32 (UTC)

Hey whats up

ok, I haven't written in a while, so this is probably gonna
be a long entry. First of all, I did get to go with Josh
and his family a couple of weekends ago, and I had a great
GREAT Time. : ) But unfortunately, that was the last time I
seen him. : (. We just live to far apart and we both work,
and we just don't have time to get together. But hopefully
it will happen. I know that if it's meant to be then it
will be. He's so great though, I've never met anyone like
him. I haven't seen him in two weeks and he hadn't been
calling me so, I was in town this weekend with Kassie
riding around, and Joe puled us over, and Got in the car
with us, and I kissed him : ( , not just once either, I
feel so bad, then when I got home that night, mom said that
Josh had called. But me and Josh aren't going out, and me
and Joe aren't going out, and so, I don't know what to
do. ANd then, Whitney has been acting weird toward me,
he's been coming to work to see me and stuff. which is
fine, Whitney's a pretty hot guy, but I'm so confused right
now. I just wanna scream.
On a lighter note, lol, Kassie Got a car yesterday, which
rocks, I'm glad that she finally got one. she seems pretty
happy with it. She got a job at the Rescue Squad making
phone calls. But hopefully she'll be able to get on at
Pizza hut or somewhere like that, that isn't so far away.
Oh yea, I got a job too, : ) I work at Pizza Hut, I like
it. It pays pretty good money, as far as tips go, I'm
loving it because I get to keep all my tips, I've only
worked there for like a week and a half and I've already
made almost 200 bucks in just tips. So I'm pretty happy
about it, now if I could just see Josh everything would be
perfect. Or if Joe would straighten his act up,
I'm so confused about Josh, He acts like he wants to be
with me and then he doesn't call, and he doesn't say
anything about wanting to come see me or anything, so I
don't know what to think, and then theres Joe........... I
know that I really like Joe, a LOT. but, he drinks and
everything and I just don't like that,and I think that he
just wants sex. but I like him a lot, and I think I'm just
gonna sit down and have a long talk with him about it, and
see what he wants in a relationship. thats all I know to
do. but I'm gonna get off here and just chill.

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