Brandi's Exciting Life :o)
2001-08-22 15:11:57 (UTC)

My Thoughts Of Today & Tomorrow

My boyfriend has a suprise for me, he told me 2 months
ago I would have to wait a month for it, but now he told me
I have to keep waiting whatever it is, is taking longer
than expected.. I have no idea what it is.... Well maybe
it's the divorce from his wife I been waiting on since we
got together5 months ago.... He has been away from his wife
now a year and she refuses to give him a divorce... She is
a crazy bitch who threatened to kill anyone who touches
him... But I am not scared of her.... She is the stupid one
who walked out twice but he let her back and she messed up
again.... Three strikes and your out.... She is so jealous
of me because she knows I treat him better than she ever
could.. And he loves me and she can't handle that.... She
needs to let go of him because now that we are in love she
will never be able to seperate us... She is also jealous
because I am getting the chance she never got, and that is
to go to Mexico and meet his family.... He would never
have taken that crazy bitch.... She even threatened to kill
herself to get him back, she attempted it, but called the
ambulance after she took 30 asprin.... She didnt want to
kill herself she just wanted to make him feel bad.... And
at first she did, until I made him realize she just did it
to try and sucker him back in otherwise she would have
never called the ambulance herself... She used to call me
and hassle me all the time, and I would just tell her that
I wasn't seeing him no more to get her off my back.... She
hasnt called in a while, guess she knows about me still,
and since my boyfriend told her if she comes to his house
again he will call the cops, she finally got it through her
thick head he has found someone better and she is finally
leaving me alone.... She has given us so much hassle, but now with
her out of the picture our relationship is finally going great....
Now another thing, my mom and dad is getting married.... They
have been together 18 years.... That is amazing and they are finally
getting married... I can't wait... Anyways.... I got to go my mind is
going blank!