My Mind
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2001-08-22 15:09:48 (UTC)

just a thought

too much goes by that we really dont see we take for
granted what we have we dont see the true beauty behind
everything. i had an argument last night with my husband
and he said he didnt have anything in common with me as if
we shouldnt be together because of it it doesnt matter how
much you have in common no two minds think a like but we
do. we say the same things we enjoy the same things and we
always know what the other wants. you dont have to have
anything in common to know you are meant to be together you
just fit together you know that if you had everything in
common with someone what would you argue about or disagree
about you may as well be a tv family in black and white.
you cant have good without bad. and im not saying that
every argument is bad sometimes its good arguing over
something like who was that in the movie or what color is
the object you know i love to debate things and its fun
when you love someone cause then you just feel good when
youre doing it and when youre done this entry makes no
sence at all im kinda just rambling but this diary thing
really does ease my mind and im really getting much better
by writing in it no matter what it is i say. --end--

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