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2001-08-22 14:51:12 (UTC)

A chat with my Mother

Well following the advice of a wise and kind reader I
decided to have a chat with my mother about her Lesbian

Me: Mum we need to talk
mum: what about?
Me: About what has been going on the last few days
Mum: ok
Me: How long have you been a lesbian?
Mum: A few years
Me: Why have you only just said?
Mum: I was waiting for the right time
Me: hmm
Mum: I know u do't like it but I cannot deny My feelings
Me: Its just gonna take time to get used to it so for the
time being can you stop saying you... fancy wowem and stuff
like that
Mum: ok I will try
Me thanks I think I will do some stuff on the computer now

so now I'm trying to see the bright side of it I suppose I
really do want my Mother to be happy more than any thing
and she is still the same person despite her being a
I finally told my best friend Will and surprising
he was fine about he just went "really! what do you think
about it?" I told him I was really shocked and he went "why
look at Nat(Nat is a friend of ours who is also a Lesbian)
we still like her its just like that with your Mum"
I realised he is right and eventually I get used to

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