2001-08-22 13:26:49 (UTC)

Welcome to my all encompassing personal dysfunction.

Heh. I was just about to launch into a schpeel on how this
diary is going to be a chronology of my enthralling life so
far (an intro designed to entice with its originality). But
Fuck that. I am too discombobulated with this place's lack
of features. Do you people have any idea what you are
missing out on by being here?

The only reason I find myself in this inferior forum is
because for the last two weeks my computer has decided that
by entering my usual diary site ( I was
committing some kind of bizzare and obscure internet
crime, "performing and illegal operation" if you will and
for that, would be "shut down." In a desperate effort to
resume placing my scarily twisted thoughts in a public
arena to severly maim strangers' inner harmony, entire
psyche etc., I find myself here. Talking bullshit with a
blank screen in a fit of frustration.

Well anyway, now that I have convinced myself that I am in
fact insane, the world is oblong shaped and I make very
little sense at the best of times, I suppose I should give
you some idea of what type of creature would spew forth
such textual tripe as this.

I am female (although commonly mistaken for male in cyber
land..I put that down to my assertive mannerism...or big
hairy balls or something). I am also Twenty-three (23)
years old. Measurements come later, when I have finally
acheived my elusive, patriarchal matrix driven anorexia.

I get very insecure when placing letters on a virtual
surface that offers no spellcheck.

I shall cease to engage in drivel because people rarely
read a page if it is too long. And lets face it boys and
girls, if I was writing this for me to read and me alone, I
would be using a word document (and so would you).

Au revoir.