Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2002-11-27 03:49:42 (UTC)

Yet another day...

Another day, another lost opportunity....or was it....
Hellifiknow. MIB2 was purrty funny, but that dog was in it
too much, and Jay just didn't had what it took to carry the
show in the beginning, in my opinion.....thankfully, Kay
came back. Still have Ice Age to view, although the kids
have already watched it--I fell asleep somewhere. My ten
days off have forced me to become a raving lunatic--just
kidding, my days are filled with the impulse to look for
and fill out job applications... I still want to see Star
Wars II...I might get it tomorrow... I have realized that
it has been over a year since I started dumping my thoughts
onto this electronic storage medium, and have noticed that
I have settled into our new situation, and have learned to
deal with it better.....well, maybe because I have learned
to trust in the Light of Christ, and what the Pope says
about the divinity of every human searching for truth,
spurning the lies and deceptions of the world.....hmmmmmm,
well, if our souls cry out to be received back into heaven,
guess which way is the only permanent method....LOL...