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2002-11-27 03:43:34 (UTC)

Finally...some News

I feel like I owe you all one reason that I have stopped
listing a release date. As is I've held off for too long.
At the current rate of plans it will take six months (ouch
eh?) to release the poetry and stuff. The main reasons are
college and lack of funds for the forseeable future. I
have some big projects to worry about and I feel I must for
the sake of finances for now halt the project.
It's my fault partially. I could have disciplined myself
more. That doesn't mean it won't come out, because I'm not
giving up. But it does mean it's going to take more time
then I originally planned. I'm not quitting. I refuse
to. I'll just have to work harder at it in the future, and
I will. It's always darkest before the dawn.
On the plus side, "Coin Toss" and "The Darkest Hour" are
now part of the collection. Coin Toss reflects my
depression on the subject, while The Darkest Hour presents
some optimism...I may have failed to bring it about when I
wished to, but that doesn't mean I won't be able to
succeed...it may just take longer. I have faith I can do
Success isn't measured by instant success. You have to
work at it and strive for it. You may fall a couple of
times, but that's not the end of the world. One day I will
do it. And it will be soon. I know it.
In January I will release some artwork for the book. I
have also redesigned the poetry page. I hope you enjoy it.
Beyond that, everything is sailing.
Hope you all have a good day now. I'll have more news soon.
The Mad Scientist

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