Silent Eyes

Lost in this place
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2002-11-27 03:20:35 (UTC)


What an experience has come to enlighten me...I have awaken
and viewed the world as it really is, but not for so long,
how I longed to keep that happiness where nothing could
hurt me because I felt as though I knew everything and
controlled it...The power within me was incredible did I
really possess it? The power increasing as he ran through
my blood was this reality or an insane dream? It seemed
like both to me as I woke up that morning with a pounding
headache...I felt as if I opened my eyes for the first
time...I felt for the first time what love pain happiness
truley was...It was all so new to me...and I knew for once
what I wanted...It was like a scene from one of my favorite
movies the labryinth...nothing seemed to matter to me the
universe was so big all my worries which I had released
previously seemed to flow back and melt into the