random mumblings
2002-11-27 03:04:33 (UTC)

Your cholesterol level is lethally high, Homer, but I'm more concerned about your gravy level

Dr Hibbert -
Well your cholesterol is lethally high Homer, but I'm more
concerned about your gravy level.
Homer -
Now wait a seccond, you doctors have been telling us to
drink 8 glasses of gravy a day.
Dr Hibbert -
Oh ho ho you're a little confused
Homer -
Oh Confused would we?

good old homer

so i went to the doctor's today and i have a bunch of
things wrong with me. my cholesterol is high...maybe not
lethally high but high enough. the high end of the "safe
area" is 2.50 and i'm at 3.50. 40% over what it should
be. i asked if that was significantly high and he said
yes, and that diet wouldn't fix it, i'd have to be on
pills at the end of the year. also, i asked to be
diagnosed for depression. so i got a booklet he wants me
to fill out and then bring back to him next
week...hopefully they can give me some pills to make it
feel better...i was chatting with amanda this evening and
she said that her sister hated it because the pills made
her feel in a "fog", but i think i'd like that, that's
what i like about drinking. also, becky told me that i
tried to kiss her at the breakfast place and i feel
fucking stupid about that, and ashamed. i apologized
profusely and she told me it was okay, but i'm still
embarassed. :(