This is my life... welcome to it
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2002-11-27 03:03:46 (UTC)


Well, my parents werent too happy with my grades, but
amazingly enough, I wasnt killed, or yelled at, just told
how and that I need to bring up my grades. Givin its not
an option, but I'm glad I didnt get yelled at for it.

I've realized recently that I've been feeling a little anti-
social, I'm talking to people in class and at school, just
I havent really spent time with people. I'm not sure why,
I kinda just moved out of society, its probably a temporary
thing, but I kinda feel weird about it all. And in the
group of my friends, I'm feeling that some a really
stupid. I'm not trying to act superior to them or that I'm
better than them, but just their all their fucking bullshit
is pissing me off. Erin and Drew getting married right
after High School, Shauna being a little bitchy slut, and
she really doesnt do anything, I swear 1/2 the stories she
has are made up, well, a lot seem like it. Megan's still
ok, Jon's been smoking too much weed but is still ok, Josh
doesnt even come to school anymore, Sara's still ok, Arron
is still cool. I've been annoyed by it sometimes, maybe I
should just lay off, and let that go...

I've also been coming up with random conspiricies, I dont
know why really. People plotting against me, or just doing
stuff behind my back, I'm starting to get really paranoid,
and I'm positive thats not healthy, next thing ya know,
I'll be living in a bubble getting away from the world.
I'm sure I'm paranoid now...

Well, this weekend is going to be cramed, lots of Homework,
lots of studying, lots of pointless busy work. I'm sure I
can get it all done because of the 4 day weekend, and I'll
probably do most of it Wensday night and Friday night. I'm
sure its doable within the weekend, and turn lots of
homework in on Monday, hope I can get all my classes up to
good grades, I'm sure I can, but its going to be a lot of
work this weekend... guess I'll get started now