Procrastination is Key
2002-11-27 02:58:33 (UTC)

one more night

going home for thanksgiving tomorrow- I have been thinking
very seriously about not going to my physics class and just
leaving whenever I wake up but I really should go. Not
gonna go to the 12:00 section though b/c I bet I would be
the only one there so I guess I'll go at 8- I'll have
plenty of time to sleep the rest of the week except for
maybe the day after thanksgiving b.c if I want to go
shopping with my mom I'll probably have to get up at like 6
or something=-o Need to buy some good stuff on sale for
christmas though since the funds are low:-p I was excited
that I got some presents last night on Franklin street.
Speaking of being excited...I get to see Kat over break
Ok enough randomness- guess its time to take some stuff
down to the car so I can get it back to the lot not too
late. Happy Thanksgiving everybody