Mr X

secrets of a sex mad teenager
2001-08-22 11:30:11 (UTC)

My Life is over

Now that I know my Mothers a Lesbian she can't stop
going on about it saying what wowen she likes ,dislikes and
asking what I like in wowen! Its not natual I can't go out
because I don't know how to tell my friends but I managed
to tell my girlfriend Melanie about it she was a bit
shocked but recovered quickly when I told I didn't know how
to tell my friends she said"not every body has to know only
the people you really trust" I knew she would make me feel
Things are improving at home My Mother is moving out
tomorrow so I don't have to listen to her raving on about
her being a lesbian. I'm staying at my house with Dad which
I plan to keep it that way.
Later I will be able to tell my friends or at least I am
going to try so wish me luck!