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sumtimes life gets alittle bit crazy
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2002-11-27 02:25:40 (UTC)

its been a while again.

I met the man of my dreams but i guess i need to first let u
know that jaroc and i are no longer together and have not
been for the longest time. and i have also heard from un
named sources that he neva broke wit the grl he was going
wit when i first met him in the first place and that he was
lying to me when he said he didnt even talk to her anymore
and ... this grl told me today that she had seen him wit
that grl the other day and well i guesss that you how great
of a bf he was to me. i really did have feelings for him
more than he seemed to care i guess. i shouldve cheated on
him all those times that i couldve and i shouldve listened
to those stupid boys at the corner house when they said that
he was still wit her. but the guy that i am seeing now i
am going to have to explain later. so peace out and stay

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