My Life
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2001-08-22 10:35:52 (UTC)

Gettin over myself

I am finally starting to realize that Zack isn't mine, and
there is no reason to cry, because it doesn't make anything
better, it just makes you feel worse. Well, it has been 18
days and I have obviously lived through it. I still miss
him, but that's not going to change, so I mine-as-well get
on with my life.
Shannon (my new bf) is so sweet. Last Friday, we all (me,
Shannon, Chris{Shannon's lil bro}, Tresban{Chris' gf/my
frd}, and April{Shannon's sis/my frd}) spent the night at
Tresban's house. And of course, my mom and Tresban's mom
and step-dad were there to watch us, but Tresban's mom and
step-dad got drunk and went to their room.(That's all that
needs to be said there.) So it was practically just my mom
watching us. We were all downstairs watching Scream and
Scream 2 and Shannon and I were on the chair and Chris and
Tresban were on the other chair and my mom and April were
on the couch. At about 12:30 we went upstairs and all of
the girls went to one room and the boys slept in the living
room. Tresban, April, and I kept saying we were going to
get something to drink or something to eat and we would go
see them. At about 3, my mom finally fell asleep and I went
to the living room with Shannon and everyone else was
already asleep, except April. So, me and Shannon were on
the couch and April was watching TV on the chair. The
farthest I had ever gone was kissing, and I let him go up
my shirt. :O lol, well, it doesn't sound like a big deal,
but it was to me. Well, April went to bed at 4 and Shannon
and I fell asleep on the couch together. At about 6, I
woke up and kissed him goodnight and went to bed, so my mom
wouldn't wake up and get mad. Then at 8:30, he come in the
room and layed beside me (I was the only 1 still asleep)
and I woke up. Then, we went and watched another movie, I
don't remember what the name of it was. And at about 12,
he had 2 leave. I pop kissed him right infront of my mom
and I went downstairs with him and gave him a real kiss bye
and Tresban's step-dad saw it! OMG! He told Shannon that
he wouldn't tell Kim (Tresban's mom)or my mom. That was
nice, but now he is going to be keeping a good eye on us.
Well, I hafta go finish getting ready for school
Love alwayz,
~*Shannon's Gurl*~ :)

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