Wandering Thoughts
2001-08-22 09:24:27 (UTC)

August 21st 2001

"It's all on the wheel, it all comes around."

Today was rather interesting. I woke up pretty early
despite the fact of how late I went to bed. I called Brian
to wake him up so he could call MTV about the internship.
To my shock he was already awake and bushy tailed. I
hopped back into bed and he said he would come over as soon
as he got outta the shower. i feel back alseep and was
awakened to him sitting down next to me. It was a very
comforting feeling. I started to finish up with some
packing and Brian just went online and did his Green Day
stuff ( and We
then went to lunch at Souplantation. I could tell Brian was
tired because he started acting all delirious. We headed
back to my house listened to some music and put some boxes
together. Then we took the first load of stuff to the post
office. I was so pissed. It cost me $150 just to ship 3
boxes. By the time we got to Brian's he was exhausted. We
watched 90210 and then took a nap. I woke up at around 8
very startled. I'm not quite sure why. Then we watched
some more tv and went for a walk. Yay! I love walking. I
wasn't feeling too good, but i didn't want to tell Brian
because he was still super sleepy and actually ended up
falling asleep again after we got back. I chatted with his
mom for a bit then we decided I should probably go and we
had to force Briny to get up and take me. Good grief what
a scene we made. He should be up early because he went to
bed so early, which will be a nice change of scenery. I
felt kinda bad because he didn't want to take me home. But
I understand that the only reason he was like that is
because he hadn't slept at all the night before. Well, I
cried in the car on the way home. I leave in a week from
tomorrow. It's finally all hitting. I'm really not
dealing well with it. I think it may be the reason I'm not
feeling well. I have the worst foreboding feeling in my
stomach. I hope this goes away. I've been depressed the
past couple days. We'll see what happens. Oh, I'm
probably going to Vegas with Bri and his family this
weekend. That should be fun!

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