2002-11-27 01:04:26 (UTC)


the last of the diarists... this is to be my last diary entry officially...i
wanted this to be a temporary 8 day event because i wanted
it to be a test...a test of what its like to write my
thoughts down and have other people read i don't
know if anyone actually has read them but at the same time
i don't care...i believe that writing in this diary was a
worthwhile event or semi-event or maybe not even an
event...ah its all the same...reading back on what i wrote
over eight days makes me laugh...i come across like a
depressed love sick gay man in desperate need of some human
contact...(laughs)...well i guess that could be the
truth...who knows i wasn't ever really good at determining
what it is that plagues me i write this and i think
about postmodernism (for a paper i have to write) i think
about my diary entries and how postmodern everything must
seem...i hate that...that self-reflexive mumbo jumbo but
you know what i can't seem to escape it...ok enough of that
this space is for me and me only...

...and i didn't go to school today...decided to sleep in
and waste a whole day...i shopped for a new computer with
nat...found nothing...came home and wrote this...

...i feel like i have nothing to write what
i'm thinking about is of little importance to the
world...i'm just a guy really and i don't think what i have
to say is super important or super not important...maybe
someone will read this and stop themselves from killing
themselves or something...(laughs) i think i'm
exagerrating too much.... i think im ending it here because it'll be anti-
climatic...the story ends and nothing is nothing and the
world goes on and...well...and is and...

sincerely with lots of love