It's Hot in Here...
2001-08-22 07:56:31 (UTC)


So today was pretty interesting...I met with the assistant
dean of my college this morning, mostly for some general
advising. She told me to look through my classes, and pick
ONE major instead of three...So I sat down and sorted out
all of my classes, and I discovered that I could actually
graduate at the end of this year. Half of me thinks this is
the most fantastic thing ever, and the other half hates
it...I don't know if I really want to kill myself slamming
out 50 more credit hours. And since I plan on going to grad
school, it isn't like one more year will kill me. I think
the best idea is to just take it one day at a time and see
what happens. And I also need to wrok on not making
decisions based around the future of my relationship. I
always told myself that I would never be the girl who gave
up an awesome opportunity because of her boyfriend, and I
don't intend to start now...I know that a semester in France
would be hard on the both of us, but I think it would be so
worth it.

Wow, I am really tired...I've been studying and my boyfriend
is leaving to go back home for a week, so I spent most of
the night with him, and all I can think about now is