My Reality
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2002-11-26 23:12:55 (UTC)

One more hour...

Thank god one more hour and then i have my doctors
appointment and then i am on my way home i have my car
packed and ready to go...i am so ready for thanksgiving ready for good food for no school worries and
for lots and lots of sex...i just want to see josh...i just
wanna leap on him..i have missed him so much here
lately ..i dont think i have talked to him in about a month
so i have having a few withdrawl pains....
i just want to get this damn pap smear over with..its the
most uncomfortable thing to have to do i think...i mean i
always walk away feeling i have been violated in some
way...i mean i know i have to have it done..its good for me
and makes sure i am healthy and all, but right before my this really a good time to have to do this?
i dont think so..i should be worrying about the drive home
and unpacking all my stuff and when i get to talk to
josh...not about the lady who's about to stick her head and
fingers when they shouldnt go...god damn speculums...why i
ask you why do they have to be metal...i bet a man did
that...not only will i create something that holds her
open..i will make it metal so its freezing cold and the
only image she has in her head while experienceing this is
that christmas movie where the boy sticks his tongue to the
pole...that always pops in my head..i think great i am
going to have to have this thing surgically removed bc its
going to freeze to my nether regions....
anywho, yeah thats my rant..its all kinda nonsensical but
who cares i am just anxiously waiting my time to get this
over with and go home..i wanna get out of here play with my
puppies and sleep in my own bed......home here i come