Hair Of The Dog
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2001-08-22 06:26:38 (UTC)

apologies apologies

Well I've seen Andrew, Nicko, and Mark today, and they've
all come with their hat in their hands apologising for what
happened the other night at the bar. Each is still convinced
that they were right concerning the fight, and that the
others are the fuckwits in the matter. In my opinion
everyone's just a bunch of whining bitches and I'm stuck in
the middle having to listen to em all apologise about how
much of a dickweed they were that night. The only person who
has not had to apologise is Keithy, he understands my
position and being older than the rest of us (like about
twice my age) means that he's taken my side. It's funny that
the only two people who aren't acting like whinging fucken
drama queens in the matter are the youngest (me) and the
oldest (Keith) of the group. Personally I believe they
should all lay off the piss for a bit, or at least get into
some light beers for a change. They all live on student
welfare benefits, and a politician who was at the Uni during
orientation week reckons that students on these benefits are
something like 30% below the poverty line. They're
supposeably living in poverty according to this pollie dude,
and they're spending all their money on piss?

Am I one of the only sane people left in this fucked up
underfunded hippy-infested drug-fucked Uni? The mind boggles