Hair Of The Dog
2001-08-22 05:49:19 (UTC)

Yeeeaahhh I'm cool dammit!

Wow I've been getting some wicked feedback on my diary, that
rocks. Well I have an hour before the Uni bar opens so I
thought I'd write another entry before I do, hope it's as
interesting as the last few....

Well I had to lie to my boss yesterday when he asked about a
near brawl that happened after hours at the Uni bar here
while I was bartending. I lied in order to save a few mates
from getting banned from the bar. Not sure if I've written
about this yet so I'll write about it anyways. Yeah this guy
Mark got busted talking shit on how he could bash this other
guy Nicko, a Croatian dude who threatened to bash me at the
start of the year but who I ended up becoming really good
friends with (go figure, I haven't been able to!). Well
Nicko was just walking up the stairs from taking a piss (bit
of a change really, usually the dirty shit just pisses down
the stairs when he gets drunk, and it friggin stinks) when
he overheard what Mark was saying, and was pretty much ready
to bash him. I tried to stop this one dude Andrew from
bashing Mark cos he was ready to go him, luckily for Mark he
pissed off outta there real quick. Nicko was all cool until
he all of a sudden decided he DID want to bash mark, and
went sprinting off in the direction that Mark went. Actually
despite me being rather pissed off it was pretty funny
seeing him run, he's not the slimmest of guys so it was more
like a high-speed waddle. I was standing around with Keithy
all pissed off when I heard someone yell out 'SECURITY!' and
I had to sprint back up to the bar to turn off all the
lights and lock the doors so that I didn't get in any shit,
Keithy came up too and hid out the back. Apparently cops and
security and everyone was investigating it, dunno how anyone
found out cos I haven't said nuttin. Keithy was telling me
that a few societies within the Uni may be taking serious
action against Nicko. Personally I think Mark may have
deserved a flogging, he does talk a lot of shit I think, and
he gets aggressive when he's drunk. I'm reconsidering my
position on getting him some bouncer work up town, he hasn't
got the right frame of mind for it, and he's a bit of a
sook. Oh well, hopefully it all blows over and the gang
stays friends. I'd prefer it that way, they're a really good
bunch until you get a bit of alcohol into em, then they go
borderline criminal.

As for boxing..... well one of my knuckles is red raw from
training last night, I swear one of the bags down there is
full of sawdust, certainly feels like it. Still it's all
good, my fitness is improving rapidly, and the coach is
rather pleased with my progress. I certainly recommend it
for those who are fit enough to withstand the training.

Well another small entry in my life is over, ciao all, and
cheers for the feedback. I like reading people's replies,
keep em coming, and party hard all! I always do.