Mars Hotel
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2001-08-22 05:42:06 (UTC)

College Depression

I stare at the bed

must I sleep?
upon thought-
less consideration,
I decide
I suppose I do

so wearily I climb into that
top bunk
closing my eyes
watching the world disappear

and it's as if a second passes by
then I have to wake again
to a new day
to a dreadful new day
one more day to suffer
one less day to face

blindly I walk to bland-colored buildings
to unknown faces
beside me
in front of me

the sun shines
as I walk out
and I still feel as if only the one
lone cloud hovers above my head

to my comfort zone
I walk
never do I want to leave
even though my comfort zone
seems to be my cage

the only half-joy I feel is when I see
that one familiar face
at night, for an hour
then I must depart once again

and then

I stare at the bed