Life In Munchkin Land
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2002-11-26 21:14:51 (UTC)

Hm yeah

Ok to start things off TODAY STARTS VACATION Thats about
the best thing about today..During study hall today we got
on the topic of religon which for some reason is beginnging
to be a big thing around our school..And according to chris
Im Immortal because heaven dosent want me because im to evil
and hell dosent want me cuz they are afraid id take
over..Sooo me and my friend Jamie decided to start our own
religon..Called Heleaven..And we worship Tucans..No
particuar reason in which i wish to share with you but some
ppl out there get it

Today in social studies Danielle read a quote that really
got me thinking.."Love is friendship caught on fire." Most
ppl think its something positvie but i honestly dont get it
i think its negative..but maybe thats just me..Im weird..

OH boy we had ASVAB testing today..Hmm what bunch of poop I
will most likely never need to any of that stuff that was on
there...I really dont see myself being a car or electric
person..Not my deal...Anyway I guess thats all for now I
have a headache and need a nap
~Maybe if all goes well I will write more at a later time

Luv ya ppl..well some ppl...

OHHHH wait I forgot...Elliot Merrick SCARES THE HECK OUTTA
ME I HATE THAT KID ok im done now bye